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CommunityHow do you think Covid-19 will impact the Cannabis Industry? 3 3 CommentsShare your voice in our community

ArticleCannabis Tourism Takes a COVID Beating 7 Cannabis tourism is a part of the ever-growing cannabis industry. Many cannabis consumers are looking for ways to enjoy their buds while traveling across the ...

Article‘Dispensaries knew they had to change’: How the cannabis industry adapted in the pandemic 8 The stress levels experienced in the past year caused many consumers to turn to cannabis as a coping mechanism. That increased interest led dispensaries to ...

Article In the Age of Covid-19, Safety Counts to Cannabis Worker Unions 21

ArticleNevada marijuana workers can't get permits amid backlog 14 By Associated Press. Sun, Nov 15, 2020 (6:59 p.m.). RENO — Laura Simes started getting nervous in July when her new agent card allowing her to legally work ...

Article Cannabis Nurses Network Holds First-Ever Virtual Annual Conference 22

ArticleData: Illinois Sees Record Marijuana Sales Amid Pandemic 23 State figures show that recreational marijuana sales in Illinois total more than $300 million since the start of the year.


ArticleA Nurse Launches a CBD Startup, Despite the Pandemic and Being a ‘Super-Minority’ 14 Katrina Thompkins opened her e-commerce store, K'dara CBD, just as the coronavirus crisis was starting to take hold in the U.S..

Article13 promising Covid-19 treatments emerging from Israel 23 1 CommentIn parallel to vaccine research, there's an urgent need for effective treatments for the respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. ISRAEL ...
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